Michael is Gay


I remember,
one gay person
I knew during my adolescence.

I remember,
that such a loud,
one gay person.
I knew I couldn't be him.

Although now that
Michael is gay,
I suppose
I knew not one,
two gay people.

I remember,
wondering who this man was, this
one gay person.
I knew his Beanie Baby™ collection,
I knew his water bed.

Was he friend or foe?
Good or evil?
Blood or water?
Coffee, tea,
dog, cat,
someone to look up to?

I remember looking at a VHS tape of the T.V. movie Asteroid, and thinking one the male actors looked hot.
We didn't borrow the movie.

He had a receding hair line,
And I remember,
He might have sounded nasally.
Maybe he just sounded
But I didn't know him,
and my parents told me nothing,
as they brought me to Michael's house.
And now,
I haven't seen him in what must be a decade,
and I don't know him,
and my parents tell me nothing.

I know I like Beanie Babies™.
I don't like water beds, though.
I'm not him.