asian grandparents of seattle

In my Grandma's tongue lies past, present, and future, braided, inseparable.



It feels like it has taken three generations for my family to heal from its own displacement. When I think about my Grandma’s Asian immigrant history and how my parents have raised me, the trauma has reverberated through generations. It has felt, as I move forward through life, necessary for me to reconnect with my Grandma’s history as she continues to live in Seattle. Similarly, Seattle has undergone intergenerational trauma and processes that continue to cycle and perpetuate in the present. What can we learn from the older generations of Seattle who have seen these changes firsthand and over time? How can I use my own subjectivity to inform my engagement in an autoethnographic and autotheoretical framework to embrace these ideas? By engaging critical conversations with Seattle’s grandparents present in the Asian communities in the International District and beyond, I hope to uncover knowledges of the city that can help confront Seattle’s urban processes. Conflicts include gentrification and the increasing disenchantment first generation Asian children feel with their own culture. How can these conversations promote intergenerational healing within families and communities? How can the Asian immigrant family be a framework to understand the changing city? I hope to meet with grandparents in the communities and have unstructured conversations, recording and ultimately transcribing to allow reflection.

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Brian Dang is a Senior majoring in English and Drama. He is passionate about the power of stories and the intersection between creative and critical writing. He is an avid theater artist with focuses in playwriting and theatrical design. He also spends his time with literary research, and it is with these two modes that he explores the nuances of storytelling. Brian hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in English Literature after graduation.

Brian has been inspired by the connection he has with his Grandma to work on this project.